Baltimore Urban Program

Baltimore For many, Baltimore is home and no other place can equal it. The city’s music, its sights, smells and sounds stimulate them and make them feel alive. The city is PEOPLE—on the bus, on the street, part of a neighborhood, from every corner of the world, of every race and religion. The city is convenient and seldom boring. For others, Baltimore is unknown, frightening, and a place to be avoided. They may work in the city, or venture into it occasionally for a concert at the BSO, an Oriole’s game, or a gourmet meal at the Inner Harbor, but in the corner of their minds lurk disturbing images—the homeless, crumbling buildings, drug addicts, acts of violence. Baltimore Urban Program God’s Perspective God has already built His church in Baltimore and it is alive and well and active here. No outsider needs to “bring God” to the city. But God has commanded His people to be compassionate, and invites us to participate with Him in bringing transformation. When we truly plunge into God’s blueprint for His church, we are compelled to learn the value of partnership with people unlike ourselves, Christian community that goes beyond racial and socioeconomic barriers, and a love for what God loves. Summer Internship During this intensive 6 week internship students grow together in their understanding of the city, the ways God is at work here, and their own response and involvement as Christians. After initial orientation, students serve as interns with various urban ministries and non-profit organizations throughout Baltimore. Spring Break Service Plunges Students spend their Spring living together in one of the neighborhoods of Southwest Baltimore; learning together about how the Gospel speaks to issues of race, poverty, and holistic justice; and serving together with people and organizations making a difference in our city.
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