Burning River Project

Cleveland: from a river so polluted it caught fire, to race riots, to the mortgage crisis--we've had our share of hard times. But Cleveland is tough, and make no mistake, God is at work here through His Spirit and His people. This city has a lot to teach us. The goal of the Burning River Project is to connect college students to the city in order to see students transformed, the city and campuses renewed, and world changers developed. The BRP has spring break and summer opportunities where students from all over Ohio, Western PA, West Virginia and beyond spend time living in Cleveland to experience God in the city. We also have year-round opportunities for Cleveland area students to connect to saints in the city and learn from them.

Program Staff: 
Cleveland, Ohio
How to Apply: 

Visit www.burningriverproject.com to apply for Spring Break and Summer projects


Marketplace Cleveland is designed for those who are working in Cleveland during the summer who wish to develop a theology of work, meet with mentors, and practice what we learn in the workplace.