Pittsburgh Urban Plunge

Pittsburgh, the largest city in the Appalachian mountains, features 90 vibrant neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods have enjoyed a renaissance over the last couple of decades; some have not. Many of our Pittsburgh neighbors, and particularly our African American ones, continue to live in the midst of financial and political poverty and injustice. Walk alongside these neighbors for a week in the Pittsburgh Urban Plunge. Hear their stories. Experience firsthand some of the realities entangled in the social issues our nation debates, and accept Jesus’ invitation to see that He’s truly alive in the city. During the Pittsburgh Urban Plunge students are invited to grapple with important questions… Do the Scriptures have anything to say about poverty and oppression? How does Jesus understand and relate to those who are sick, hurting, marginalized, and deprived of authority? How does Jesus ask us to respond to pain in the world? Could Jesus actually be inviting me to change the way I live? God is inviting you to step outside your comfort zone to experience Jesus’ radical vision for the world in deeper ways. How will you respond?

Pittsburgh, PA
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