San Antonio Urban Program

The vision for the San Antonio Urban Project is "Transform, Renew, Change". We are hoping to see students and faculty transformed by the Gospel, see renewal of our campuses and city by the Gospel, and develop world changers who will be advocates of the Gospel, especially through partnership with ministries within the city. We are hoping that students will form long lasting partnerships with ministries in the city, especially with ministries that work with the underprivileged, so that they may gain God's heart for mission. This project is open to students part of the South Texas area of the InterVarsity Red River Region. Come experience God transform, renew and change the city of San Antonio.

Program Staff: 
San Antonio, TX
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Join a movement of students willing to step out in faith to understand more of who Jesus is and what his gospel means for our cities. This spring break, explore seeking justice and reconciliation in the center of San Antonio. During the plunge, you will: *Live alongside a diverse community of students in the heart of the city. *Serve with a local non-profit organization. *Experience interactive learning around topics like poverty and crossing cultures. *Hear teaching from experienced practitioners on topics like Biblical justice, racial-reconciliation, and spiritual disciplines.