ServeUP Tampa

Come join us in Tampa as we engage in helping rebuild homes in the poorest neighborhoods of Tampa. We will also learn about the injustices facing many of Tampa's residence, including homelessness, addiction and sex trafficking. We will work all day on homes, and at night we will see what Jesus has to say about these injustices and our role in them as we engage in small group discussions and with our main speaker. We will also have time at the beach, time playing games and relaxing in the evening and will spend time developing friendships that could last a lifetime. We look forward to having you! ServeUP Tampa started as a rebuilding project in response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. For 9 years of 5,000 students from 60 campuses from New England have given their Spring Breaks to help people on the Gulf Coast return to their homes. In 2013 we expanded to work in Yhor City in Tampa serving alongside of The Underground in Community Development.

Program Staff: 
Tampa, Florida
How to Apply: 

Please visit to register for the project.