Fall And Winter Events

Abolitionist Plunge: Columbus, OH.

For one week participants will be immersed in every aspect of the fight against human trafficking (modern day slavery). Learn more


ACT Initiative

The ACT Initiative stands for Austin’s City Transformation Initiative. It is the hope of the ACT Initiative to motivate college students to pursue justice, to see God at work, and to help transform the city of Austin for God’s renown. Learn more


Albuquerque Urban Plunge

Albuquerque Urban Project picture

Exploring biblical social justice through the lens of homelessness. We will be engaging in scripture study, hands-on service to the homeless population, and interacting relationally with the homeless population by going through the homeless system ourselves for 2 days. Learn more


Arizona Mission Trip

Arizona Mission Trip picture

A mission trip to the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Cibecue, Arizona. You will be working with the Fountain of Living Waters Mission Church to share the Gospel with the Apache people, and working to improve their lives on the reservation. Learn more

Baltimore Urban Program

Baltimore Urban Project Picture

The Baltimore Urban Program gives staff and students of differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds a shared experiential learning opportunity in the context of an urban community. During a 6-week internship or a weeklong plunge students grow together in their understanding of the city, the ways God is at work here, and their own response and involvement as Christians. After initial orientation, students serve as interns with various Urban Ministries and non-profit organizations throughout Baltimore. Learn more

Bay Area Urban Project

BAyUP picture

Over the course of six weeks, students live, learn, and work among the urban poor.  They volunteer over 120 hours of service with local urban agencies.  In addition, we have weekly training days with scripture studies, prayer, and teachings on shalom theology, credible witness, racial and other social justice issues.  Students will not only analyze broken traits of our systems (education, immigration, criminal justice, social-ecology, and the astronomical underground system of human trafficking), they will also be equipped to respond prayerfully on micro and macro levels. Learn more


Big Island Spring Break Project

An immersion into the community on the Big Island of Hawai`i focusing on issues of culture and poverty as they relate to God’s kingdom. Learn more

Borderlands: Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana

Borderlands image

Borderlands Urban Project will teach you how to engage the campus and the church on the issue of immigration from a Christian perspective. Through service, scripture, prayer and practice you will experience the whole gospel and work with people from both sides of the political spectrum on immigration reform. Learn more


Burning River Project

Cleveland: from a river so polluted it caught fire, to race riots, to the mortgage crisis—we’ve had our share of hard times. But Cleveland is tough, and make no mistake, God is at work here through His Spirit and His people. This city has a lot to teach us.

The goal of the Burning River Project is to connect college students to the city in order to see students transformed, the city and campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Learn more

Chicago Urban Program

Chicago Urban Program

Chicago’s Spring Break and summer programs are a mix of training and experiences serving in the community. Components are: training - learning together about the Gospel’s redemptive message about ethnic identity, poverty, and injustice through discussions, devotionals, testimonies, teaching, and experience in the community; service - partnering with and learning from ministries in the community; community - students and staff growing together through communal spiritual disciplines, working in community, and learning to understand differences; and spiritual disciplines – relating with God and God’s people through worship, prayer, reflection, and group process. Learn more



CityLights: St. Louis, MO

CityLights picture

CityLights projects draw hundreds of students each year from across the United States to St. Louis who come to learn to connect their heads, hearts and hands to the Gospel in the neediest neighborhoods in the City. CityLights is a ministry aimed at drawing collegians and grads towards a lifetime of doing justice and preaching grace - reconnecting hearts with hands, using one's careers, gifts and resources to live out the Gospel in the homes and neighborhoods of urban St. Louis - and the myriad of places they return to when they leave. Learn more


Des Moines Urban Dip

The Des Moines Urban Dip will be four days of exploring God’s heart for restorative justice and His ministry to the poor and marginalized in the city of Des Moines. We’ll stay together in the city, having hands on experiences in the areas of homelessness, refugee resettlement, and sex trafficking in Des Moines. We’ll also study scripture together, pray and worship together, eat together, and begin to see and experience where God is moving in this city and what it looks like to follow Him there. We’re so excited to have InterVarsity’s Director of Urban Projects, Josh Harper, join us and share his perspective and years of experience, along with a number of other people in our community who long to see God’s kingdom come more fully in Des Moines. Learn more

Detroit Urban Plunge

The Detroit Urban Plunge or, “DUP”, is a tour of urban inner city ministries (like a CDC) in Detroit where we also learn about culture in the city (African American) and God’s heart for justice (studying Amos). We also do evangelism and hear about Detroit’s history. Learn more

Durham Urban Project

On the Durham Urban Project you will work with various non-profits in the city, the primary one being Habitat for Humanity. We encourage Christian students to bring their non-Christian friends to have discussion about Jesus and Justice. Contact the Director


The Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership (FIFUL)

Fresno Urban Ministry Project picture

InterVarsity’s FIFUL exists to equip college students to become urban leaders by engaging the Gospel in an inner-city context. Our Programs are multi-dimensional and include hands-on, neighborhood-based experiential learning as well as more standard academic teaching and discussion. FIFUL engages students through a variety of urban project options, from our one-day CityScope, to a short weekend DIP, even longer options like our spring break and 6 week summer project, all the way to our most intense project which includes relocation into the Pink House for 10 months. Learn more


Gateway: Philadelphia, PA

Gateway image

Gateway Philadelphia is a 6 week experiential learning program for college students interested in exploring Faith and Justice. Through Bible study, cross-cultural training, working and serving in North Philadelphia and daily debriefing, students are exposed to the issues challenging urban neighborhoods and participate in what the Church is doing in response. Each student will be encouraged to process their experience and consider implications for their own life and vocation. Learn more

Ho`ohole Pono

Ho'olohe Pono picture

Ho`olohe Pono is a 2 - 4 week immersion into the Native Hawaiian community to listen, learn & serve with the love of Jesus! Learn more

Los Angeles Urban Project

Los Angeles Urban Project picture

Downtown Los Angeles tells the story: only seven blocks lie between the financial district—the economic power of the pacific rim—and one of the most dangerous and despairing sites of urban poverty in America, skid row. This is the way things are. At LAUP we believe this is not ok. God’s heart breaks for the poor of Los Angeles, and we believe that if a generation of students gain God’s heart for the poor, it will transform our cities, our churches, our nation, and our world. Join the LA Urban Project for a weekend, a week or a summer. Learn more


Milwaukee Urban Project

Milwaukee Urban Project picture

At MUP we will spend the week serving others and studying the bible in the largest city in Wisconsin. This trip is primarily for students in the Lakes and Plains region (Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Upper Michigan, and Wisconsin) of InterVarsity. Learn more

New York City Urban Project

NYCUP picture

NYCUP spring break and summer projects grapples with issues of systemic injustice, racial reconciliation, poverty, class, and culture through prayer, bible study, sound teaching and direct service. Through Working with youth, feeding the homeless, and fighting sex-trafficking and slavery we deepen our understanding of the heart that God has for the poor, the widow and the orphan. You want to change the world? Come and learn how to do it! Learn more


Portland Urban Project

Incarnationally serving and loving the urban poor community in SE Portland, Oregon. Contact the Director

Sacramento Urban Program

Sacramento Urban Project picture

Invest a week of your life in learning more about God’s heart for you, for the city and world, and for those God has a special relationship with. This is a very hands-on, experiential week where you get to rub shoulders with all kinds of people and learn so much about what God\'s Kingdom is meant to be like. It is one week that will influence you profoundly for the future. Learn more


San Antonio Urban Project

The vision for the San Antonio Urban Project is “Transform, Renew, Change”. We are hoping to see students and faculty transformed by the Gospel, see renewal of our campuses and city by the Gospel, and develop world changers who will be advocates of the Gospel, especially through partnership with ministries within the city. We are hoping that students will form long lasting partnerships with ministries in the city, especially with ministries that work with the underprivileged, so that they may gain God’s heart for mission. Learn more

ServeUP New Orleans

ServeUP New Orleans picture

If you give your spring break to help the people of New Orleans you will be joining a grand tradition of volunteer work of which is said: "without it, there would be no recovery on the Gulf Coast!" You will also learn about the complex issues facing their recovery, and explore how to pursue justice and service in your own life. This week could change your life! Learn more


ServeUP Tampa

Come join us in Tampa as we engage in helping rebuild homes in the poorest neighborhoods of Tampa. We will also learn about the injustices facing many of Tampa’s residence, including homelessness, addiction and sex trafficking. We will work all day on homes, and at night we will see what Jesus has to say about these injustices and our role in them as we engage in small group discussions and with our main speaker. We will also have time at the beach, time playing games and relaxing in the evening and will spend time developing friendships that could last a lifetime. We look forward to having you! Learn more


Sidewalks: Lancaster, PA

Sidewalks Urban Project Picture

Sidewalks is InterVarsity’s urban mission in Lancaster city. It is a six week immersion experience, learning and serving in an underprivileged neighborhood. Sidewalks transforms your understanding of God’s values and purposes in the world. It sends you back to lead your friends in faithfully living for Jesus and loving every part of your campus. Learn more


Summit Urban Projects

Summit Urban Projects picture

Summit’s an experience. We’ll put you face to face with people that know everyday what it means to be homeless, to live in poverty, and to deal with injustice. You’ll hear their stories, and build relationships. You will meet and work with people that are passionate about serving and transforming their city. You will find out what it means to live in community with friends following Jesus together. You’ll study what God says about poverty, injustice, and his Kingdom, and come away with a very different view of the world you thought you knew. You’ll discover you can make a difference! Learn more


Washington DC Urban Programs

Washington DC: Bridge picture

Located in the Nation’s Capitol, the Washington DC Urban Program explores the intersections of poverty and wealth and power and disenfranchisement— all present in our own city.

We spend most of our time living and serving in low-income, underserved areas of the city; however, we also engage Capitol Hill and the seats of power available in the city. Learn more


West Virginia Rural Plunge

The Gospel-Maybe you’ve heard the word before, but you aren’t quite sure what it means. Maybe you’ve memorized a Gospel outline and are ready to share it with the next person whom you meet on campus. Whatever the case, if you’ve never explored the Gospel in the rural context, you might have a lot to learn about what the Good News is all about. During the West Virginia Rural Plunge, we will discuss Scripture together to see what the Bible has to say about the Gospel message, the poor and injustice. We will watch videos and read articles that look at this topic from other angles. And, most importantly, we will visit churches and ministries in north-central WV and get the perspective of those who are living out the Gospel in a place that is often overlooked. Learn More