Emphasizing the Judeo-Christian roots of their convictions, civil rights leaders saw their ultimate purpose as building a “beloved community” on earth. In their quest for social justice, the radical idea of Christian love, through the practice of nonviolence, would transform the social and political realities of twentieth-century America. Read more

Not every Christian is called to move into close community with the poor and hurting in our country's inner cities, but neither are we permitted to stand at arm's length and allow their struggles to continue through our own inaction. Read more

From literature and art to advertising and the movies, from scholarly works to the popular press, the themes of home, homelessness, and homecoming are pervasive in contemporary culture. Moreover, say the authors, these motifs profoundly illuminate much of what is often called the postmodern age. Read more

Viv Grigg challenges us to reexamine our strategies and design new approaches that will build Christ’s kingdom among the poor who comprise nearly half the world. Read more

St. Francis of Assisi heard this message of the Sermon on the Mount and challenged the church and empire of his day by ordering his life around it – giving up his power, wealth and privileges; claiming the poor and powerful alike as his brothers and sisters; and loving Islamic neighbors even as his church and state waged war on them. Read more

God is at work in the city. And he invites his people to join him. But the city is not merely a mission field for Christians to target. The city is also the environment where Christians are discipled and lives are forged into the image of Jesus. Read more

Where does your chocolate come from? Does it matter if your coffee is fair trade or not? It matters – more than you might think. Read more

In our anonymous and dehumanized world, the simple practice of friendship is radically countercultural. But sometimes Christians inadvertently marginalize and objectify the very ones they most want to serve. Read more

Racial & ethnic hostility is one of the most pervasive problems the church faces. It hinders our effectiveness as one body of believers. It damages our ability to witness to and serve seekers. Why won't this problem go away? Because it’s a spiritual battle. Read more

Have we embraced the whole gospel or a gospel with a hole in it? Rich Stearns came face-to-face with that question as he sat in a mud hut in Rakai, Uganda, listening to the heartbreaking story of an orphaned child. Read more

In a culture that too often prizes leadership uncritically and unreflectively, a faith that calls us to take up crosses, lay down lives and otherwise submit ourselves to something outside ourselves simply sounds like a bad idea. Nevertheless, this is the faith that we find Jesus talking about. Read more

For a society that measures successful leadership in terms of the effectiveness of the individual, Father Nouwen offers a counter definition that is witnessed by a "communal and mutual experience." For Nouwen, leadership cannot function apart from the community. Read more

When you get involved with city ministry, you're in for some adventures--and you see God at work! Randy and Tina White, with their two young sons, left suburbia to join believers living in a disadvantaged area of Fresno, California. Through their family's story you will learn more about God's heart for the city, meet some of the people who live there, and discover ways you might make a difference too. Read more

After his martyrdom at the hands of the Gestapo in 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer continued his witness in the hearts of Christians around the world. His Letters and Papers from Prison became a prized testimony to Christian faith and courage, read by thousands. Now in Life Together we have Bonhoeffer's experience of Christian community. Read more

Among the various lines drawn between people in the church – male and female, young and old, black and white, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat – there is the line between the urban and the suburban. The stereotypes of the edgy, socially active, multicultural urban Christian and the middle-class, comfortable, upwardly mobile suburban Christian mix fact and fiction. Read more

There is a new trend afoot, one that goes against the prevailing Western model, influenced by the values and principles of international commerce. Presented here are five "signs of life," showcased by this network of movements best referred to as "new friars." Read more

For most of church history, practicing hospitality was central to Christian identity. Yet our generation knows little about this rich, life-giving practice. Read more

Here is living proof that white and black Christians can live together. From their own hard-won experience, Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice show that there is hope for our frightening race problem, that whites and African-Americans can live together in peace. Read more

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed," Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew, "nothing will be impossible for you." That sounds good, but does it work in a world where seeds are genetically altered by an impatient few and hard to come by for countless others? Read more

Vows—exclusive promises or commitments—are almost unheard of these days. They're considered a quaint relic of times past when open options were not such highly regarded virtues. But many people in this commitment-averse culture are begging for someone to set the bar higher, to call them to higher levels of devotion. Read more