Corporate Prayer

Corporate prayer is the act of praying, both silently and aloud, with other believers. There are many Biblical examples of corporate prayer – for example, praying together was a key feature of the early church in Acts.

Corporate prayer allows us to join in community with others as we call out to our Living God. The church is not made up of one person – it is made of many, with Jesus at the head. Because of our call to be a community of believers, a body of Christ, we must pray together. Corporate prayer can be difficult – it can be tedious and frustrating as we give everyone a chance to speak. It’s also hard to be vulnerable and share our deepest needs and desires in front others with the Lord. But Corporate Prayer is central to the Kingdom of God so we persevere in it anyway. Find a group of people you feel comfortable with, and begin to pray together. Ask God together. Listen to the Lord together. Share struggles and joys with one another. Be the body of Christ.