Strive first for the Kingdom and its justice (Matt. 6:33, NRSV)


InterVarsity Justice Programs are experiences of immersion into the communities and lives of people most affected by issues of injustice in the United States: to listen, to learn, and to be empowered as a participant in God's Kingdom in these spaces.
What good news does the gospel offer in the face of overwhelming global urban realities? And what does it look like to live the gospel, bringing the Kingdom of God more fully to earth? Consider these questions and more on our International Justice Programs.
Join an Ecological Discipleship program and learn what it means to follow Jesus in such a way that it is good news for all of Creation.

Upcoming U.S. Justice Programs

Justice Programs' Training for Campus Ministry:

Justice Programs are now offering to equip any staff with tools for campus ministry—NSO, deepening community, expanding discipleship—from within our wheelhouse of strengths. Join us for one hour on the first Friday of each month, 10 am pacific/1 pm eastern for the following trainings: