The amount you’ll need to fundraise for an Urban Program depends on the duration and location of the program. Plunges typically cost between $75 and $600, and summer programs range from around $950 to $2,500. You’ll be living simply in a communal setting, and we do our best to make these programs as affordable as possible.  

Where the Money Goes

Each program director determines how much participants will need to fundraise to cover the costs of the program, including housing, food and transportation based on the cost of living in that particular city. We also take into account general program expenses, such as the program materials, group meeting space, expert speakers and teachers, program management costs, and InterVarsity administrative overhead. The fundraising total does not include transportation to and from the program location (except for ServeUP New Orleans).

Here are the cost breakdowns for three of our summer programs, to give you an idea of how funds raised are spent. If you would like the cost breakdown for a specific program, please contact the director of that program. 

Bay Area Urban Program Chicago Urban Program DC Urban Program Key
BAyUP Pie Chart CUP Pie Chart Pie Chart Key

All of our program directors raise funding independently for their own salaries. Some program budgets may include a small stipend that goes toward the director’s personal operating budget. 

Stipends and Scholarships

The Urban Programs value socioeconomic and ethnic diversity, and we realize that not everyone has the means or the community behind them to help pay for our programs. Many programs offer scholarships (for dips, plunges, short & summer programs) or stipends (for summer programs) to subsidize the cost and the opportunity cost of participating. Some of the scholarship and stipend money comes from the total amount fundraised for the program. However, many programs that offer scholarships and stipends receive additional income from grants, specific donations, or other outside sources. If you would like to participate in a program, but are in need of financial assistance, contact the director of your program.  We’d love to help you get there.