Jacob & Christina Foor

Christina and Jacob will be entering into their 5th and 7th years on staff with InterVarsity, respectively. The college campus has always been a place very close to their hearts, and they are excited to continue ministering and empowering students! Thank you so much for your partnership. We are currently planting a new campus ministry at the University of Arkansas. We hope to abide in Jesus through consistent prayer and dependence as they embrace Christ’s command to “go and make disciples” on every part of campus! In addition, we function as Project Directors for the San Antonio Urban Project. We both are deeply passionate about missions, and are seeking to help students learn what it means for the hope of the Gospel to transform, renew and change the City of San Antonio. They will be partnering with several ministries in different neighborhoods of the city that work with the elderly poor, international refugees, disadvantaged families, etc., and learn what it means to move into the neighborhood and dwell among the neighbors, just like Jesus did in John 1.