Lisa Keller

Lisa's interest in community ministry with the poor developed as a student at the University of Virginia, fueled in part by Urbana 09 and a spring break with NYCUP. She served as an intern with Servant Partners in Pomona, CA from 2011-2013, where she found radical faith, deep friendships, and excellent tacos. InterVarsity stayed in the picture as she led a student team for LAUP in her Pomona community during the summer of 2012. The following year, she moved back to Virginia to come on IV staff at her alma mater, at which point Urban Projects stayed in the picture when she was given leadership for a spring break project in her Charlottesville community. She loves seeing her neighborhood disciple her students and wants to keep developing that relationship in the years to come. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with people, reading, dancing Zumba, and baking birthday cakes.