Ecological Discipleship

Ecological Discipleship is the exploration of how the Good News of Jesus can and should be good news for all of Creation. These programs include the study of scripture and theology regarding the character of Creation, working with the land, listening to people who live close to the land (farmers, homesteaders, Indigenous peoples), going deep on a current environmental issue, and cultivating our spiritual connection to God's creation.

In summer 2025 InterVarsity is offering a week-long program to equip college students for spiritual leadership and influence for climate action.

  • Experiential: This program is experiential. We will engage climate change by working on the land. You will see firsthand the impact of climate change and how others are working to address it.
  • Advocacy: We will provide training on how to tailor our communication to those in our churches and chapters about the importance of climate action and the behaviors that will make a difference.
  • Formation: Our program includes both practical training and spiritual formation. We will focus on facing the challenging emotions that the climate crisis brings up, cultivating spiritual practices that nurture resiliency, and rhythms of life that support long term climate advocacy.

Dates: TBD

Location: Hampton, VA

Cost: $275, includes room and board for the week

Register here.

Find resources on ecological discipleship here. 

Contact Scott Bessenecker for more information.