Charlottesville City Program

The city of Charlottesville is frequently listed among the top places to live in America, yet great disparities exist within its limits. This project takes students less than two miles from campus to learn from residents and local ministries about the experience of people on the margins around them. As they listen and serve, students are invited to see God at work, spreading his kingdom in the city and in their own hearts and minds. They have the opportunity to commit to continue to engage locally throughout the school year or in the places they move after graduation. The project also provides a space for students from the four chapters of InterVarsity at UVA to build deeper relationships as they work together.

Charlottesville, VA
How to Apply: 

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Join UVA IV in a 24-hour discipleship intensive in the city of Richmond,November 18-19. We are going to be hosted by Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (a neighborhood justice ministry in the East End). We will dig deeply into Scripture, be challenged by local leaders, and serve the community. Come discover the power of God to transform the city and your own heart.

The Charlottesville City Plunge is a week of retreat in the city with the goal of growing in God’s heart for our neighbors. This year we will focus on our country’s education system. All students are welcome; those exploring a vocation in education fields may find it particularly relevant!