Bridge DC Urban Program

Come learn from Jesus and serve alongside other Christian college students this summer in the greater Washington DC area! We’ll be living and working with Christian Community Development Association member organizations, Casa Chirilagua and Little Lights discovering God’s calling upon our generation. Components of the Program: InterVarsity’s Urban Program encourages students to become holistic followers of Jesus who seek to serve Jesus in their personal lives, vocations and commitment to the Church at-large. Our summer Internship program goes beyond a normal 30-40 hour a week commitment to include all of a student’s life. Therefore, as a holistic program, there are 5 major components of the DC Urban Internship: 1. Formal service with a particular ministry or service organization. In this case, Casa Chirilagua who works with primarily low-income Latino immigrant families. Students will likely be tutoring children in their homes in reading and math skills through a summer camp. In DC, we'll be primarily working with a kids camp that serves people in public housing. An Engineering, business and health care option can be available on an availability basis for students who apply early. 2. Incarnational Ministry in the neighborhood. During non-working hours, we will get to know neighbors, play soccer with kids, translate documents or learn to make pupusas (just to name a few potentials). Basically, we open our hearts to be used by God in the neighborhood. 3. Community Living with other Christian students. We live in close quarters with other college students from around the nation, cooking meals together and learning how to share our lives, resolve conflict and develop deep Christian relationships. The team is usually about 12-15 students total. 4. InterVarsity training on discipleship and Christian worldview. Through a variety of mediums (individual discipleship meetings, weekly team curriculum days, Bible studies and intensive orientation and debrief periods), InterVarsity staff and other Urban Ministers challenge students to live for Jesus both during the project and after. 5. Local Church involvement. We’ll attend a local church (either a spanish-speaking Baptist church or a non-denominational multi-ethnic church) where we’ll learn about the global church and have a few opportunities to share and receive.
Event type: 
Summer Program (3-8 weeks)
Thursday, June 15, 2017 to Thursday, August 3, 2017
Max # of students: 
How to Apply: 

Contact Kate Denson for an application

Restricted to: 
Application preference given to students from the Mid-Atlantic region of InterVarsity. Must email for application, due with references April 1st. Fundraising required.