DC Spring Break Justice Plunge

Washington DC Spring Justice Plunge is a whirlwind week in Southeast DC. We experience local culture, serve in community ministries and learn about how justice is an integral part of God’s good news for the world. A great opportunity for a fellowship to grow as a team and challenge themselves to encounter God in a new way.

Dates: 1 week programs from end of February-beginning of April, 2020

Cost: $225

Event type: 
Plunge (4-10 days)
Friday, February 28, 2020 to Thursday, April 2, 2020
Max # of students: 
How to Apply: 

Contact Kate Denson for an application

Restricted to: 
For Spring Break DC Justice Plunge Registration closed to students outside InterVarsity chapters in the MidAtlantic region (Delaware, Eastern PA, Maryland, Washington DC) unless approved by program director. We do not recommend students come alone but instead gather a team from their campus. Please contact the director Kate Denson by January 1st 2020 if you'd like to bring a group and you're not from an InterVarsity chapter in the MidAtlantic.