Richmond Justice Program

Virginia InterVarsity’s Richmond Justice Program equips college students to pursue a lifestyle of justice that comes from the values of Jesus. Summer The summer program gives students an immersive experience of living out God’s kingdom values by sending them in teams to live, work, and go to church with other IV students in diverse neighborhoods of Richmond. Throughout the summer, students receive teaching from a Christian perspective on the biblical values of service, justice, and compassion, as well as receiving regular training in leadership, teamwork, and decision-making. This hands-on experience equips students to use their careers to combat the social, economic, and spiritual challenges of our world. Cost: $2500 (fundraised) Spring Break During the Richmond spring break week, you’ll get to experience the city through the eyes of local residents and leaders. As you spend time with nonprofits and ministries doing restorative work in the city, you’ll grow alongside your student community by learning how to become a good neighbor.
Program Staff: 
Richmond, VA
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