Heather Rädlein Haight

Heather Rädlein Haight has served with InterVarsity either on campus or in the urban context for over 15 years. She believes there is nothing more influential in someone's life than getting your feet and hands and heart out of your own context and into someone else's. Along those lines, she brings students into neighborhood's and the stories of people in Sacramento so people can hear and learn and touch and see and feel what is going on in God's perspective there. Heather believes the gospel will go forth like wildfire if believers are equipped to hear and share a holistic gospel that takes into account more than just the person's individuality, but their family and community and the world (and environment). She and her family live near downtown Sacramento where they are investing in their neighborhood and community and trying to share all that God has given them (including whatever fruit or vegetable is prolific in their garden) with those around them. Heather loves to be outdoors in the garden, on a trail, on a bike (meant for 1 or many), along a trail, with a book,on her block or at a park with little people or friends and family. Sweets, travel and making fresh food are her worst addictions. To read more about Heather or Sacramento Urban InterVarsity, go to: www.suiv.org and http://up.intervarsity.org/blog/deep-our-neighborhood