Kate Denson

Kate Denson has been on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since graduating from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor’s in Sociology in spring 2007. She moved to the Anacostia neighborhood upon graduating where she continues to attend a local church and volunteer heavily with a local DC public school and other organizations directly benefiting the Anacostia neighborhood. She spent her first five years on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff both as the lead staff person at Georgetown University and with the Washington DC Urban Program. Beginning in Fall 2012, she transitioned into a role serving solely with the Washington DC Urban Program. She hopes to expand the role to include not just spring break and summer service-learning opportunities for InterVarsity students but to also supplement InterVarsity’s ministry on campus. With more time to focus on the Urban Program, she will spend significant time speaking on various campuses about urban issues and recruiting teams of students to come to the Washington DC Urban Program. She will also spend time with students back on campus helping students respond in campus-specific ways through targeted outreach and activism to raise awareness of the connection between Christian faith and issues of social justice. She is also currently pursuing a Masters of Theology through Fuller University. In Washington DC, Kate is a part of the Local School Advisory Team for Orr Elementary school, the Washington DC Peace Team, the Washington Interfaith Network, and the Southeast Washington Servant Leader’s Minister Fellowship.