Lectio Divina

The practice of Lectio Divina is one of reading Scripture with no agenda and no presuppositions. It is a practice of reading the Bible as a sacred object that gives a living revelation of God to the reader.

There are four steps in the Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading):

  1. Lectio (Read): Choose a passage and situate yourself in a place that is conducive to sacred reading. Read the passage slowly, even reading it aloud. Read the passage deliberately, and read it one or more times through. Read the passage without intent, but with openness to whatever God wants to show you.
  2. Meditatio (Meditate): Read the passage again, this time listening for the word or phrase that stands out to you. Pay attention to the emotions that come up as you read the passage. Meditate on the word, phrase or emotions that were brought to your mind. Don’t worry if nothing comes – continue to soak in the passage.
  3. Oratio (Pray): Read the passage again, and focus in on the word, phrase or emotion that came to you. As God for illumination. Ask him to bring more clarity and meaning to the word, phrase or emotion. Ask him for deeper understanding.
  4. Contemplatio (Contemplation):  Read the passage again, listening to the Lord’s quiet voice. Listen as he gives meaning and deeper understanding to the word, phrase or emotion that was brought to your mind. Listen as he clarifies what the word, phrase or emotion means for you today, this week, or in this season. Don’t worry if nothing comes – just soak in the truth that is the word of God.

At the end of the Sacred Reading, thank the Lord. 

Brochure on Lectio Divina (from www.contemplativeoutreach.org)