Appendix 1: Sample Inventory Sheet

Use this inventory sheet to keep track of supporters and the amount they've pledged to give to your program fundraising.

Appendix 2: Sample Presentation Outline

Not sure how to give a presentation about your program? Use this outline to get you started. No need for stage fright!

Appendix 3: Sample Large Group Handout

Your college fellowship's large group is a great place to find supporters. Pass out these handouts to your friends, and see how the Lord provides.

Appendix 4: Church/Large Group Sign-Up Sheet

Use the sign-up sheet at your church or a large group after you've presented about your program. 

Appendix 5: Sample Letters and Response Cards

Use these sample letters to get you started on writing your own prayer letter.

Appendix 6: Sample Email Messages

Want to skip the snail mail? Use these sample emails as a template for your emails.