Appendix 2: Sample Presentation Outline

1.  [Express your appreciation.]  Thank you for the opportunity for me to share with you this evening.

2.  [Share about Urban Programs.]  I’ve been accepted on the Urban Program in [name of city].  Global Programs are summer programs where college students work with local urban ministries, churches and the urban poor and others in through over 50 programs in more than 25 cities. Since the mid 1970’s they have been engaging students in issues of ethnic identity, reconciliation, justice and poverty. Urban Programs are a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  [Share about InterVarsity if necessary].

3.  [Share specifically what you will be doing. Contact your Director for more information.]  My Urban Program in X city will specifically involve serving in a children’s summer program and serving in an under-resourced neighborhood, etc. [depending on your particular UP].  It also involves an orientation and debriefing program which helps me serve in cross-cultural and cross-class situations by teaching me how (a) understand the Biblical basis for urban missions, (b) build trust with others, and (c) face differences.

4.  [Share why you’re going. Personalize this.]  More than half the world’s population lives in cities, and over 80% of urban dwellers are poor. The majority of those who are poor in our world’s cities know little to nothing of the good news about the Kingdom that Jesus came to inaugurate. Through my Urban Program, God will help me (a) share the gospel with those who have not had the opportunity to hear, (b) love the urban poor by serving them with my skills, (c) evaluate urban missions as a career, (d) find out more about what God is doing in the city, (e) share what I experience to impact my chapter and my church, so that we all might become involved in missions and service.

5.  [Share your itinerary.]  I will be leaving for the program X date. After orientation we will begin at our work sites. Debrief begins on Y date, and I return home on Z date.

6.  [Share your needs and invite them into partnership.]  I’m excited about this opportunity, but in order to go, I will need many prayer partners and will need to raise $X dollars of financial support.  Will you consider partnering with me in this ministry by giving $X to $Y [give a specific range of dollars] and by committing to pray for me?

7.  [End with prayer requests and another thank you.]


Other Presentation Suggestions:

  • Tailor your talk to the audience. How much they are currently informed or involved in missions will determine how in-depth or how much information you give them. If you’re speaking to just one person or a small group, interrupt your presentation by asking if they have any questions.
  • Dress appropriately. Casual attire may be fine for an IVCF meeting, but it won't win the hearing of a church audience or an alumni working in the marketplace.
  • Know your TIME limit. If you want to allow brief time for discussion or questions, stop five or ten minutes early and make time.
  • Pray before your presentation and thank God for the PRIVILEGE of being a bridge between your supporters and God’s Kingdom work around the world. Remember, raising support involves the Body of Christ in Kingdom-building!