Asking Advocates to Help

Don’t have enough Christian contacts? Consider contacting people who may be motivated to help you fundraise with their Christian contacts. This might include alumni that you know or long-time members of your church, who have many relationships within your church. Be sure that those who you are inviting to be advocates have already committed to support you in prayer or financially!

How can they help? They can give you email addresses of potential supporters, introduce you in a face-to-face meeting with missions-minded people, connect you to a pastor/missions committee head, arrange a speaking engagement for you, host a fundraising party, write a letter or email a recommendation to other alumni that you don’t know, etc. Here’s how to ask for help:

1. Helping By Expanding Your Network:

“Hi Sylvia!…I’m actually spending some time this week on my fundraising for my Urban Program this summer, and I wanted to ask you for some help. So I thought I’d see if you might know of people who may be interested in hearing about my summer mission …I remember you mentioning that you know other alumni who were really committed to missions while in college. Do you have their email addresses? Do you think that I could contact them? Another idea I had was maybe connecting with some of the adult Sunday school classes at your church, and maybe sharing one Sunday. Do you think that would be a good idea?”

2. Helping By Hosting a Fundraising Party:

“Hi Sylvia!…I’m actually spending some time this week on my fundraising for my Urban Program this summer, and I wanted to ask you for some help.  I’m going to be back in town during my spring break, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me meet some people at your church who might be interested in my summer mission. Would you be able to host a get-together? I was thinking of maybe a dessert, and I would be glad to take care of any expenses… What dates would work best for you? Who would you want to invite from your church?… Great! Let’s plan then tentatively for (date), and I’ll email you in the coming weeks to confirm and go over more details.”

3. Helping By Bridging You to His/Her Church:

“Hi Sylvia!…I was wondering if your church supports summer missionaries. I remember that you were very involved with your church, and I wondered if you had any suggestions as to how I could approach your church about support. Would the first step be just meeting with the pastor or someone else?… Thanks so much for looking into this for me.”

God may also use advocates to encourage you spiritually as you prepare for your Urban Program. Remember that this is a learning experience, so allow the Lord to minister to you through them. Finally, be sure to thank your advocates and update your advocates on your progress.