Frequently Asked Questions

What if the deadline arrives and I still don't have enough money?

First, it is rare for students not to go on a program because they lack support. If you have been following the Lord, He is quite capable of seeing you through the journey. Second, talk to your director, who may be able to help you uncover financial avenues you haven’t explored. Third, get written pledges from donors who intend to give while you are away. Be sure to get the date that they intend to make good on their pledge and follow it up when you get back. Remember that you are responsible to see this obligation through to the end. Pledged money should be sent to InterVarsity by August 15. Have your parents or a friend send in this money (along with the proper form--the Donor Support Record) if it comes in while you are on the program.

What if I raise more than I'm supposed to?

If you raise more than the cost of the program, your overage helps other students on your program who are unable to raise the full amount. If the program ends up with an overage, that money can be used for scholarships, stipends and next year’s programs.

How should I handle cash or checks made out to me personally?

Ask if you could have a check instead. If not, deposit the cash in your checking account and write out a check to InterVarsity for that amount. On the donor name and address lines, indicate who the gift is from and the amount. On the check # line, write “Cash.” The person will receive a receipt for that amount. You may write one check for multiple cash gifts. Simply make sure that each donation has a separate record. In the case of checks made out to you, ask the donor to write a new check payable to InterVarsity. IVCF cannot accept checks made out to you.

What if my plans change and I can't go?

Let your director know immediately. Because of IRS laws, it is illegal for us to refund your donations to you. The same policies apply with regard to giving donations back that were mentioned in the above section on tax-deductibility. We can hold them in an account for you until the next year.

When does my money need to be in?

Each director may have different financial deadlines. Check with your director. In general, you should have all your money in before the beginning of the program. Money not raised before the program begins needs to be turned in no later than August 15th.