How to Submit Your Money

There are two options for fundraising, by check and online. You may fundraise using a combination of both options.

Option 1: By Check

1. Tell donors to make checks payable to InterVarsity Christian fellowship

  • Do not send in cash donations. See below in the Frequently Asked Questions for what to do with a cash gift.

2. Donors should send or hand their checks to you. You will need to send them in with a Donor Support Record  

3. Look over the check for accuracy. Is it payable to InterVarsity and is it signed?

  • If it is not made payable to InterVarsity, ask the donor to re-write it. InterVarsity cannot accept checks made payable to students.

4. Fill out the Donor Support Record. Print legibly! We need to have complete names and complete addresses provided to be able to process the funds.

  • Put your full name, address, phone number, and program location in the appropriate place.
  • Put the page number at the top. Each page should have its own number. Include the date.
  • Record the donor’s full name, including title, spouse’s name, and middle initial, if known. Give us as much information as you have without abbreviation. We will send these donors tax-deductible receipts.
  • Record the donor’s full address. Always include a zip code.
  • Record the check number.
  • Put the checks in the order that they are listed on the donor support sheet.
  • Add the amounts of the checks on each page. Record the total amount from any previously submitted pages. The total of these two figures is what you have raised so far. Re-add all your figures to check for accuracy.
  • If you have a check whose physical size is larger than the rest, put it at the bottom of the list and stack of checks.
  • Include only seven donors per page.

5. Keep a photocopy of this sheet for your own records. Send the original copy with the checks to:

Donation Services-Urban Programs 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 
P.O. Box 7895 
Madison, WI  53707-7895

Option 2: Online

Donors may give to your personal fundraising account at: The donor can find you by putting your name in the search field.