A Lavish Gift

Your summer of faith-stretching begins long before you start with us on registration day – it starts as you read this manual and begin fundraising for this summer. Though many times fundraising is seen as a “necessary evil” to make what you really want possible, fundraising is actually a lavish gift from our Father. 

Fundraising gives us a clear sense of being “sent” by our friends, our family, or our church. It presses us to share what God is doing in our lives, and others get a chance to affirm God’s work in us. When people commit to pray for us or give sacrificially to support us, we are reminded of how many people God has brought into our lives to bless and encourage us.

Fundraising gives us a chance to “ask, seek, and knock” and to see our Father provide. For those of us who have struggled to make ends meet and have literally prayed for our next meal, we know the very real provision of God. But for those of us who haven’t had those struggles, fundraising give us a tangible experience of God providing when we call on Him. It reminds us that God has always been providing for us, whether we’ve realized it or not.

Fundraising gives us a chance to interact with our Father about any fears and anxieties we may have around the issue of money and finances. Depending on our personal experiences growing up, the thought of fundraising may bring up all kinds of other issues. God is inviting you to bring those past experiences and issues to Him, and to receive the healing and grace you need.

And lastly, fundraising gives us a chance to share resources as a Christian community. Many participants in the past can testify that God brought in a surplus of funds, much to their surprise. And it just so happened that there were other participants in the program who were not able to fundraise the full amount, despite their faithful efforts and prayers. But in the economy of God’s Kingdom, everyone’s needs were taken care of.

As you go through this process, you may discover other ways that fundraising is a blessing for your faith and experience of God. Bring those testimonies with you as you come this summer!