Utilizing Advocates to Ask for You

Although it’s usually ideal for you to invite others into partnership, sometimes it may not be appropriate for you to ask. Instead, ask your advocate to ask people that they know on your behalf (see “Asking Advocates to Help” section). It makes sense to do this especially when the advocate may have a much better relationship with the potential donor, when the advocate is living in a much closer proximity to the potential donor, or when the advocate is especially trusted due to his/her position (pastor, respected elder, etc.). Some general guidelines for utilizing advocates: 

  • Be sure that the advocate is first supporting you before he/she asks others to!
  • Be sure to communicate your program clearly, so that he/she fully understands what you will be doing and what your needs are. You don’t want any incorrect information communicated!
  • Consider giving your advocate extra prayer letters or reply envelopes to pass out to his/her contacts. Your picture on your prayer letter will be helpful in this case.
  • Keep your advocate updated and thank him/her when their contact sends in support.