Appendix 3: Sample Large Group Handout

InterVarsity Large Group Summer Missions Offering

Helpful Giving Hints:

  • Give 1/10 of your potential summer earnings or one week’s summer wages
  • Give the amount you would make working one week on campus in May
  • Give so that it’s risky and you’re depending on God for resources

Be Praying For:

  • InterVarsity Urban Program in ________  ($ list amount): [List names of participants]

Amount You’ve Given/Pledged*: $____________

* Keep top portion as a reminder. Return bottom portion along with the check to the summer missionary or a staff. The missionaries would appreciate all money in by May 1st, but ASAP is better (saves team anxiety about finances). If you absolutely need to wait until the summer to give, please talk to the person you’re supporting.

Name:  ________________________________________           

Phone: ______________________

Email:  ________________________________________________

  • I want to financially support ____________________ (name) and his/her participation on this Urban Program. I am giving/pledging the amount of $___________. Send me prayer letters.
  • I want to financially support the team/missionary with the greatest need. I am giving/pledging the amount of $___________. Send me prayer letters.
  • I am unable to give financially, but would like to support in prayer. I would like to be a prayer partner for _________________ (name). Send me prayer letters.